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A Wheely Fun Time at River Ridge

At River Ridge Rehabilitation & Care Center, wheelchairs are more than handy mobility equipment. We make them part of the fun! And, let's face it, rehabilitation exercises are more enjoyable when they feel like fun. We recently had a blast playing a couple games at our Arkansas Delta center: Wheelchair Races and Balloon Tennis!

Right before the races start, seniors line up, side-by-side, with eyes on a common prize: the long white break tape they're vying to bust through. Cue the upbeat tunes, and let the games begin! With contagious glee, they wheel themselves in double-time toward their goal. Their broad grins shining like the sun, they try their best to beat their friends to the coveted finish line. The first race's victor, in graceful grey and plaid, appears both surprised and rightly proud of his accomplishment! Multiple races yielded even more winners, each as delighted as the one before.

With red foam pool noodles as racquets, a blue balloon as the ball, and no net in sight, a group of sporty seniors are poised for a merry match of Balloon Tennis. A helpful staff member is the official ball lobber/cheerleader, encouraging each player to give it their all. Laughter fills the air when the balloon travels unpredictable paths and is volleyed repeatedly by excited elders to collaboratively keep it afloat.

Playing games with a dash of friendly competition boosts endorphins in the body. A surge of this feel-good hormone, a natural pain reliever, delivers a profound sense of well-being, increases immunity, and aids healing. Like any other physical game, wheelchair races and balloon tennis get the heart pumping and expand lung capacity. Both regular tennis and balloon tennis depend on eye-hand coordination, which does wonders to keep the brain sharp.

Senior activities are an important part of life here at River Ridge, and we like to combine a positive mindset with a playful spirit. We consider our elders family, and it's our mission to be a trusted source of nursing care, where aging is a meaningful and honorable stage of life, and good memories are made for a lifetime.

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